Reasons to support GARDP

Be part of a solution to a health crisis

Millions of people in North America and worldwide contract infections from harmful bacteria and are increasingly dying due to the lack of effective antibiotics. Your donation will support the research and development of urgently needed antibiotics, and access to these treatments, for all who need them.

Invest in social stability and growth

Health is a powerful driver of productivity, social stability, and economic growth. Everyone’s health is dependent on effective antibiotics. Investing in the research and development of new treatments is good value for money that helps build a more prosperous future.

Protect our most vulnerable

Drug-resistant bacterial infections can infect anyone, of any age, in any country. But it is our most vulnerable who are hit first and hardest. You can support the research and development of antibiotics to protect those most at risk: newborns, people with weakened immune systems, those in hospitals requiring medical procedures, and older adults.

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Partner with us

No one government, company, or organization can develop and make available lifesaving treatments for drug-resistant infections. This work can only be done together. We need partners at every step: research and development, manufacturing, market registration, supply chain, and regulation design. We also need financial support to continue delivering this lifesaving and lifechanging work.


Your support will allow us to discover antibacterial ingredients, perform clinical trials, and carry out research on the best use of treatments. It will fund critical work to enable access to antibiotics for every person who needs them and to ensure treatments remain effective for as long as possible.

Invest in health

Funding is essential to tackling the silent pandemic of drug-resistant infections. By investing directly in GARDP or providing resources aligned with our activities, you support antibiotic research and development efforts that are safeguarding the backbone of modern healthcare. We work with diverse funders, from governments, foundations and philanthropists, to people passionate about supporting our critical work to develop lifesaving and lifechanging treatments.

Expertise and innovation

Our partners help GARDP by sharing their expertise, products, and technologies. We partner with diverse companies and sectors to tackle the complex challenges in developing new treatments and ensuring they are responsibly available to those who need them most. For example, in North America, we’re working with Entasis Therapeutics on the development of a new treatment active against resistant strains of gonorrhea and with Venatorx Pharmaceuticals on an antibiotic treatment for hard-to-treat hospital-acquired infections.

Advocacy and awareness

There is a critical need to raise awareness in the U.S. and globally of the urgent need for research and development for new antibiotics. Our partners help raise awareness of our work and impact and call for action, funding, and attention in order to address the silent pandemic of drug-resistant infections.

Stay informed and engaged

The response to drug resistance is rapidly changing and new science and partnerships are having an impact. Stay informed about the opportunities and progress being made in the development of new treatments for drug-resistant infections.

Spread the word

Help us raise awareness about drug resistance and our work to develop new and improved treatments. Find a story on the GARDP website, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube and share it with your networks.

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